Reconnecting Northland is the first large-scale ecological restoration programme in Aotearoa - New Zealand, focusing on the wellbeing of our people and our land across Te Tai Tokerau.

We feel the beating heart of Northland 

Our Scope

The loss of biodiversity, the loss of swimmable waterways, the loss of forests and other wildlife habitats is in essence a loss of ourselves. Reconnecting Northland looks at how through an elevation of mauri, nature and thriving ecosystems can solve these problems, by assuming the role of connector and catalyst, for big gains. 

In partnership we listen, reflect and focus on removing barriers to restore the wellbeing of our whenua and people at landscape scale.

Our Connected Solutions

Ideas about how to fix things, form in the beating heart of our communities as a response to nature's decline. Northlanders kōrero about the problems they see in ngahere, or awa or whenua, and they have ideas. Combining our independence and regional strategic focus we are well positioned to navigate amongst iwi, hapū, marae, community groups, landowners, agencies and others. We assist groups to overcome their unique challenges by identifying, enabling and facilitating the connections required to scale up Northland’s ecological effort.

Reconnecting Northland is positive and solution focused. We absorb complexity and identify ways forward.
We look forward to working with you.

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