Weaving unity into the community.

In 2017, a group was established comprising of iwi, hapū, marae, conservation groups and organisations who are deeply committed to the health of the land, waterways and people of the wider Hokianga area.

This group is called ‘He Ripo Kau’. The area of this mahi now extends from Southern Waipoua to North of the Warawara, and inland towards the headwaters of the Hokianga Harbour.

The purpose of He Ripo kau is to weave people together to achieve the HRK 100 year vision; a landscape of abundance, with bird-filled forests that stretch to the sea and clean clear waterways teeming with life. Where a tapestry of regenerative land use sustains people to live the lives they value.

Reconnecting Northland assists He Ripo Kau by providing local coordination and support via our kaituitui/ co-ordinator who is based in Hokianga.

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